Activity Introduction

In this lesson, students get creative, exploring where kidneys are found in the human body.

The students create their own body maps, learning about kidneys and the important role they have in our bodies. They finish the activity with a gallery walk to view the work of other students. It’s all about what our kidneys do in our bodies.

Learning Intentions

  • Students understand that kidneys are a part of our body
  • Students learn what our kidneys do for our body
  • Students discover how a kidney keeps our body healthy.

Lesson & Curriculum Details

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Resources Required


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Teacher Worksheet

Teacher Preparation

Learning intentions: Students will...

  • ... understand that your kidneys are a part of your body
  • ... learn what our kidneys do for our body
  • ... discover how a kidney keeps our body healthy
  • ... learn what happens when kidneys get sick.

Success criteria: Students can…

  • … understand that their bodies have kidneys
  • … show where the kidneys are found in the human body
  • … describe that kidneys filter waste from my blood
  • ... explain what the effect of an unhealthy lifestyle can have on our kidneys as adults.

Teacher content information: 

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