Activity Introduction

Quick summary: In this fun bingo game, students need to complete a full row on the bingo sheet to win. Students need to find other students who have participated in particular environmental sustainability actions that can then be checked off their sheet. Sustainability Bingo provides students with a long list of prompts that will help them to recall and associate a wide range of positive actions that lead to sustainability.

Learning goals:

  • Students identify actions for sustainability.
  • Students connect with other class members.
  • Students understand that some actions for sustainability are relatively simple while others require more effort.

General capabilities: Ethical understanding.

Australian Curriculum content description:

Please note this activity can be adapted to many areas across the Australian Curriculum.

Year 7 & 8 Technology

  • Examine and prioritise competing factors including social, ethical and sustainability considerations in the development of technologies and designed solutions to meet community needs for preferred futures (ACTDEK029)

Year 7 Science

  • Some of Earth’s resources are renewable, but others are non-renewable (ACSSU116)
  • Identify questions and problems that can be investigated scientifically and make predictions based on scientific knowledge (ACSIS124)
  • Communicate ideas, findings and solutions to problems using scientific language and representations using digital technologies as appropriate (ACSIS133)

Year 8 Science

  • Science and technology contribute to finding solutions to a range of contemporary issues; these solutions may impact on other areas of society and involve ethical considerations (ACSHE135)
  • Communicate ideas, findings and solutions to problems using scientific language and representations using digital technologies as appropriate (ACSIS148)

Year 9 Science

  • People can use scientific knowledge to evaluate whether they should accept claims, explanations or predictions (ACSHE160)

Year 10 Geography

  • The human-induced environmental changes that challenge sustainability (ACHGK070)

Syllabus Outcomes: GE5-2, GE5-3, SC4-11PW, SC5-13ES, SC4-4WS, SC4-9WS, SC4-12ES, T4.1.2, T4.1.3, T4.4.1, T4.6.2

Topic: Sustainability

Digital learning opportunities: Take advantage of the digital sharing capabilities of Cool Australia’s resources and share this student worksheet with your students. They can play bingo on their tablets or devices. This will save paper.

Indoor or outdoor activity: Indoor

Time required: 30 mins

Level of teacher scaffolding: Low 

Resources required: Worksheets for all students

Homework and extension opportunities: Students can make there own bingo card using examples from their home.

Keywords: Sustainability, environment, actions, bingo.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

Teacher preparation:

Overarching learning goal: Students identify actions for sustainability in a fun and engaging way.

Teacher content information:

There are different opinions about what sustainability means, but these opinions have some things in common. The long-term welfare of humanity depends on a healthy environment, wise use of resources and an economy that provides good jobs while not damaging our environment and using up resources. 

Hot tips: Through class discussion you can ensure each students builds a clear understanding of sustainability.

Student and classroom organisation:

In this fun activity your students get to play Sustainability Bingo. Print out as many bingo sheets as necessary, noting that there are four different versions with slightly different actions and arrangements. You can also use the template to create your own or ask your students to create their own.

Ask the class to walk around and find other students who meet the actions for sustainability on

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Student Worksheet

Bingo sheet 1

bingo create your own

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