Activity Introduction

nudge-powerlines-photoframeQuick summary: This lesson is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter the Nudge by Mirvac – Sustainability Film Competition. Building on activities in Sustainability Film Competition – Year 4 (Part 1), students explore what natural resources they have in the school yard and creating a map of these resources. They are then asked to reimagine this map, thinking about how they would like their school to look in the future with particular emphasis on the way the school uses resources now and could use them in the future. Students are asked to create a map of their ideas for a future school.

Activity developed in partnership with Nudge_bymirvac

This lesson is part of the Nudge by Mirvac – Sustainability Film Competition unit. The Competition encourages young people (up to 18 years) to make a short film aimed at giving our community a ‘nudge’ on sustainability: ‘Nudge a neighbour, change a behaviour’. This year’s competition is focused on the theme ‘Re-imagining Resources’.

Essential questions:

  • What natural resources do we have in our school yard?
  • How can we make a map of the natural resources in our school yard?
  • What ideas do we have for a school for the future where natural resources are cared for?
  • How can we transform our ideas for our future school into a map?

21st century skills:

nudge skills

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content descriptions:

Year 4 Geography

  • The use and management of natural resources and waste, and the different views on how to do this sustainably (ACHASSK090)
  • Record, sort and represent data and the location of places and their characteristics in different formats, including simple graphs, tables and maps, using discipline-appropriate conventions (ACHASSI075) 
  • Reflect on learning to propose actions in response to an issue or challenge and consider possible effects of proposed actions (ACHASSI081)

Syllabus outcomes: GE2-2, GE2-3, GE2-4.

General capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking.

Cross-curriculum priority: Sustainability OI.7.

Relevant parts of Year 4 Geography achievement standards: Students identify the interconnections between components of the environment and between people and the environment. They reflect on their learning to propose action in response to an issue or challenge, and identify the possible effects of their proposed action.

Topic: Sustainability Film Competition, Sustainability.

Unit of work: Nudge by Mirvac – Sustainability Film Competition – Year 3 & 4

Time required: 60+ mins – Part C of this lesson can be extended over two sessions.

Level of teacher scaffolding: High – oversee activity, lead students in class discussions, and guide students through group work.

Resources required: Student Worksheet – one copy per student OR computers/tablets to access the online worksheet. Device capable of presenting a website to the class. A3 paper and map making materials, cameras or devices to take photos, butcher’s paper and textas, sticky-notes.

Digital technology opportunities: Digital sharing capabilities. Digital photography (optional).

Keywords: Natural, managed, constructed, features, places, natural resources, school.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

nudge-corn-photoframeTeacher preparation

Overarching learning goal: Students recognise the natural resources they have in their school yard and are able to make a map of the natural resources in their yard. Students understand how they could improve their school so that natural resources are cared for in the future, and understand how to transform their ideas into a map.

Teacher content information: The Nudge by Mirvac – Sustainability Film Competition has been created to give communities a 'nudge' on sustainability. This year’s film competition has a focus on the theme 'Re-imagining Resources' and budding film makers will be asked to create and enter short films on the following focus areas: Water, Waste, Energy and Materials. The aim of the Nudge by Mirvac – Sustainability Film Competition is to encourage behaviour change around sustainability: 'Nudge a neighbour, change a behaviour'.

Nudge by Mirvac - 2015 Winners (

The website has more information on the Nudge by Mirv

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Student Worksheet


Reflect on what you have learnt about natural resources by responding to these questions:

How are the ideas and information you looked at in these lessons about natural resources CONNECTED to what you already knew? 
What new ideas did you get that EXTENDED or pushed your thinking in new directions? 
What is still CHALLENGING or confusing for you to get your mind around? What questions do you now have? 
How did you used to think about resources? 
How do you think about them now? 
Why should we think about resources differently? Why should we re-imagine resources? 
How can we help others to re-imagine resources? 

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