Activity Introduction

Quick summary: Students are provided with outlines of Australian animals. Students need to draw an ecosystem/habitat that meets the animals’ needs and locate their animals in a place where they find food or shelter.

Learning goals:

  • Students identify the needs of animals in their ecosystem/habitat and the location where the animals can be found.

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Content descriptions:

Year 1 Science

  • Living things live in different places where their needs are met (ACSSU211)
  • Use a range of methods to sort information, including drawings and provided tables (ACSIS027)

Year 2 Science

  • Use a range of methods to sort information, including drawings and provided tables (ACSIS040)
  • Earth’s resources, including water, are used in a variety of ways (ACSSU032)

Syllabus OutcomesST1-4WS, ST1-9ES, ST1-11LW

Topic: Biodiversity

Year levels: 1 and 2

Indoor or outdoor activity: Indoor 

Time required: 15 mins

Learning areas addressed: Science, Mathematics, The Arts (Visual Arts).

Level of teacher scaffolding: Assist students with activity.

Resources required: Printed worksheets and art materials, including a large sheet of paper and scissors.

Keywords: Tree, habitat, cut and paste, ecosystem.

Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher Worksheet

Teacher preparation


Write in large words on the board:





These are some of the things animals need.

Using a large sheet of art paper, students make a habitat (a home of the animal) that will provide their animals with food, shelter, protection and water.

They colour in the animals, cut them out and stick them in the appropriate location on their habitat.

Ask students to describe the location where the animals live. Ask them to provide a similar location in the school ground, park or a garden.

For those who have the writing skills, they can write some words on squares of paper about the animals’ needs for food, shelter, protection or water. The squares can be stapled around the edge of the poster.

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Student Worksheet

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