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Author: Kirsty Costa
Source: Cool Australia
Date: 06/02/2017

By Kirsty Costa, Cool Australia
Adapted from the article by SBS – Meet 6 Impressive Aussie Women Scientists

All around Australia, there are remarkable women in Science studying volcanoes, developing cures to medical diseases and designing robots. Here are a few female scientists who are leaders in their field:

1. Professor Mary-Anne Williams – Roboticist 
Professor Mary-Anne Williams is an Artificial Intelligence specialist with expertise in analysing data and representing knowledge. She leads “The Magic Lab” – Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory at the University of Technology Sydney. Here Professor Williams works with her research team to design and create socially aware and independent robots that can collaborate with people and work together.

Twitter account: @SwizzleFish

2. Professor Tanya Monro – Physicist
Professor Tanya Monro is internationally known for the work in photonics – the science of manipulating light particles. Her work has helped develop a range of technologies, from smartphones to medical lasers. Professor Monro is currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation at the University of South Australia.

Twitter account: @tanyamonro

3. Professor Emma Johnston – Marine Ecologist 
Professor Emma Johnston researches the human impact on marine life, with particular focus on the role of various pollutants we dump into the sea. She is regularly on TV and is the Vice President of Science & Technology Australia. Professor Johnston also heads the Applied Marine and Estuarine Ecology Lab at the University of New South Wales.

Twitter account: @DrEmmaLJohnston

4. Professor Michelle Simmons – Quantum Physicist
Professor Michelle Simmons is a world leader in the field of quantum computing – she works on creating super-capable computer technology including the world’s smallest transistor. Professor Simmons has been elected a member of the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and is currently a Laureate Fellor and Scientia Professor at the University of New South Wales. 

5. Dr Marguerite Evans-Galea – Geneticist
Dr Marguerite Evans-Galea does genetic research and works to develop new therapies for neurodegenerative diseases such as Friedreich’s ataxia, which leads to severe disability. She is a Senior Research Officer and Team Leader in Genetics at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Professor Evans-Galea is also the co-chair and co-founder of Women in Science Australia.

Twitter account: @mveg001

6. Professor Liz Harry – Microbiologist 
Professor Liz Harry is a pioneer of fluorescence microscopy techniques – helping scientists see tiny proteins inside bacterial cells. She works with her team to develop new antibiotics for bacteria that causes infectious disease. Professor Harry is a member of the Australian Academy of Science and the Acting Director of the ithree institute (infection, immunology and innovation) at the University of Technology.