Paul Allen’s High-Tech Quest to Save the World’s Most Endangered Animals

Author: Nikki Ekstein
Source: Bloomberg
Date: 10/05/2017
If he has his way, Paul Allen will cover 90,000 square miles of African territory with smart sensors and drones by the end of this year to bring hyper-connectivity to Africa’s most remote, wildlife-packed corners. It’s the biggest, tech-focused conservation project to date, a command-and-control...

Climate Change: A deadly threat to coral reefs

Author: Climate Council
Date: 12/04/2017
Intensifying climate change remains the biggest threat to coral reefs around the world, with rising sea surface temperatures driving widespread bleaching events, according to the Climate Council’s latest report. The report ‘Climate Change: A Deadly Threat to Coral Reefs’, shows worsening blea...

Memphis Meats reveals first lab-grown chicken

Author: Katherine Martinko
Source: Treehugger
Date: 15/03/17
It looks and tastes like regular fried chicken, but its production never ruffled a feather. Meat is a staple food for most people, and as they grow wealthier, they tend to eat more of it. Individuals may benefit from the densely packed nutrients in meat, but the planet not so much. Animals occupy a...

How climate change threatens to make our bread less tasty

Author: Glenn Fitzgerald
Date: 02/03/2017
Climate change and extreme weather events are already impacting our food, from meat and vegetables, right through to wine. In our series on the Climate and Food, we’re looking at what this means for the food chain. The concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is increasing. Everything el...

End of the road? Why it might be time to ditch your car

Author: Anthony James
Date: 15/02/2017
The average car is stationary 96% of the time. That’s a fairly consistent finding around the world, including in Australia. A car is typically parked at home 80% of the time, parked elsewhere 16% of the time, and on the move just 4% of the time. And that doesn’t include the increasing time we sp...