Topic: Earth Hour

Earth Hour LogoWe are turning Earth Hour from a once off moment to a year round movement – built around storytelling and action at the community level.

In 2017 Earth Hour is inviting kids around the country to share the news about climate change. From an early age, these kids have been taught to be active recyclers, aware of renewable power alternatives, and informed about the devastating effect of pollution on our planet. The phrases ‘carbon dioxide’ and ‘the hottest summer in Australia’ are common in their vocabulary. These kids know more about climate change than any other generation did at their age. And these kids are the future.

So to celebrate the 10th year of Earth Hour, WWF is asking the kids who have lived and breathed the issue of climate change their entire lives to be the spokeskids of Earth Hour, asking Australia to switch off for Earth Hour as a symbol to support their future. Switch off to #JoinTheFuture.

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