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Do you have a student who is an outstanding environmental ambassador?

We are looking for young environmental leaders to represent States and Territories as Enviroweek Youth Ambassadors.

The ambassadors are young people who:

  • Are passionate about improving our environment in one or more areas across food, waste, energy, water, transport, packaging, not buying anything new and gardening.
  • Want to inspire others to act for a sustainable Australia.

 Enviroweek youth ambassadors will:

  • Choose an Enviroweek challenge, e.g. avoid bottled water, buy nothing new and inspire others to take positive action
  • Tell others through own social media (if over 13 years of age).
  • Wear, or design their own recycled Enviroweek t-shirt
  • Appear in Enviroweek newsletters to schools and the website
  • Undertake one media interview.
    Jessica Watson, Enviroweek Ambassador 2012 Caine Monroy, Enviroweek Ambassador 2012


Showcase your school’s environmental leadership 



Is your school, class or team leading in an environmental field?


Are your students inspired about making a difference by joining Enviroweek 2013?

X Would you like to feature your environmental leadership on the new Enviroweek website to inspire others?


Please contact 1300 853 810 or email [email protected] for more information or to get involved!