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Source: Planet Ark 

Have something that can’t go in your household recycling bins, but don’t want to throw it out? With a little research you can find a number of great initiatives that will reuse or recycle a number of unusual items, keeping out of landfill and giving them a new life. Read on to find out about bikes, bulbs, beds and more.


Bicycles For Humanity is a world wide, grass roots, volunteer run organisation that send unused donated bikes from the developed world to partner organisations in countries in need. A bike allows someone to travel twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load. Find out more at

Light Bulbs

There are a range of recycling programs for mercury-containing globes such as fluoroscents and compact fluoros, are run by state or local authorities, community partnerships and commercial recyclers. Some local councils also accept globes like compact fluoros for recycling at specific collection points or as part of household chemical or hazardous waste services. Find out more at

Food Waste

OzHarvest and Foodbank are non-denominational charities that rescue excess food, which would otherwise be discarded, to feed the hungry. By distributing food/groceries to those in need, they turn excess food into a resource and save thousands of kilograms of food from being dumped as landfill each year. Find out more at

More Information

Looking to recycle other things from home, head to