In partnership with the Philipps Foundation and the Thyne Reid Foundation, Cool has created a wide range of resources, lessons, activities, assets, ideas, and Professional Development opportunities, designed to 

  • expose children to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives early in their learning journey
  • help educators to feel confident and informed to incorporate and teach Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into their centres and practice.


Learning for educators

This unit is designed to educate, inform and up-skill educators as they begin to incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into their practice.

It explores the broader ideas of what is meant by caring for country and connection to country. 

It then covers a range of frequently asked questions to help educators overcome some of the barriers to teaching these perspectives, and to help educators go about incorporating these perspectives in a respectful way, such as appropriate terms of reference.




Themed activities for children

Once you’re comfortable with leading this learning, jump into our Tuning In unit designed to introduce some big ideas around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples and cultures.

It’s a good place to start to introduce the big, key concepts to children.

After you’ve covered the big ideas, dig into a range of games, stories, art and dance activities themed around a different element.