Martu people preserve bilby population with traditional knowledge

Author: Jared Richards
Date: 18th of July 2016
The Martu people of Western Australia are environmental and cultural custodians, preserving tradition and ecosystems alike. ACROSS THE BIRRILIBURU landscape in remote Western Australia, the Martu people are using their knowledge as traditional owners to conserve the greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis)...

What dragonflies say about our ignorance of the natural world.

Author: Klaas-Douwe B. Dijkstra
Date: 6th of June 2016
Of the 8.7 million species of animals, plants and fungi thought to live on Earth, we have only named 1.2 million: 86% of the natural world is uncharted. For most people, both this incredible richness and our ignorance are hard to fathom. Imagine that each of the 6.5 million species thought to live ...

In defence of zoos: how captivity helps conservation.

Author: Samantha Ward
The death of Harambe the gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo, shot to protect a child who had fallen into his cage, has caused outrage. Some of the anger has now turned from “trigger-happy” staff towards zoos in general. Why, some are asking, is an endangered gorilla behind bars in the first place? In an...

Environmental score card shows Australia is once again in decline.

Author: David Summers and Albert Van Dijk
Date: 11th of May 2016
After some unusually wet years, our landscape and ecosystems have once again returned to poorer conditions that were last experienced during the Millennium Drought. That is the main conclusion of Australia’s Environment in 2015 – an environmental score card and accompanying data explorer that w...

Nature is neglected in this election campaign – at its and our own peril.

Author: Don Driscoll and Euan Ritchie
Date: 20th of April 2016
The electioneering has begun. In a campaign set to be dominated by economic issues, the Coalition and Labor are locking horns over who can best manage our finances, protect jobs and make housing more affordable. The Greens predictably decry the major parties, including their cavalier climate-change ...

Face-to-face with Great Barrier Reef’s worst coral bleaching

Author: Laura Hampton
Date: 20th of April 2016
Even to the untrained eye, it’s easy to see that the Great Barrier Reef is in more than a little hot water. As I board my charter flight from Cairns bound for the remote scientific research station on Lizard Island, I mentally prepare myself for devastating scenes. Climbing steeply, we bank shar...