US firms knew about global warming in 1968, what about Australia?

Author: Marc Hudson
Date: 18th of April 2016
Earlier this month the satirical newspaper The Onion “reported” on the discovery in a Californian university’s archives of a dusty, yellowing report saying the time to act on climate change is now. This week life imitated art, as it was revealed that there is indeed a decades-old report to be...

Will global warming make you fat?

Author: Jaci Brown and Hilary Bambrick
Date: 30th of March 2016
First it was fats, then it was carbs, but one day we might be blaming climate change for our expanding waistlines. Climate change is already affecting Australia’s ability to reliably produce quality food. With climate records being broken on a monthly basis, it’s not much of a stretch to imagin...

How climate change will affect what we eat in 2050

Author: Marco Springmann
Date: 9th of March 2016
One of the most important consequences of climate change will be its effect on agriculture. A lot of research has focused on food scarcity as the world heats up, but the connection between agriculture and health goes beyond mere calories. The World Health Organisation’s Global Burden of Diseas...

Chasing ice: how ice cores shape our understanding of ancient climate.

Author: Tas van Ommen
Date: 9th of March 2016
It is just over 50 years since French scientist Claude Lorius dropped some glacier ice in his whisky and started a quest that continues today. Lorius was studying glaciers in Antarctica and wondered if the air bubbling out of some ice he had drilled that day might carry information from the past. T...

An environmentally just city works best for all in the end.

Author: Anitra Nelson
Date: 7th of March 2016
Melbourne’s population is expected to almost double by mid-century, overtaking Sydney as Australia’s biggest city. But all states are growing and the increases are concentrated in the capital cities. Along with adaptation, developing resilience and decarbonising buildings and other infrastru...