Floating CSIRO robots destined for remote island waters off WA coast

Author: L. Gartry
Source: The ABC
Date: 5 January 2016
A team of Australian researchers is about to set sail for one of the most remote islands on Earth in a bid to release robots for climate research.  The team from the CSIRO is planning to launch floating robots near Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI), far off the West Australian coast, to mea...

A climate for change

Author: Matt England & Stefan Rahmstorf
Date: 20th November 2015
On the eve of international climate change talks in Paris, UNSW magazine sits down with UNSW’s Matt England and Potsdam University’s Stefan Rahmstorf to discuss the likelihood of a legally binding global agreement, climate change denial and the importance of staying positive. Stefan...

Quantifying the impact of climate change on extreme heat in australia

Author: Will Steffen
Date: 16 February, 2015
New ground-breaking scientific research in 2014 can now tell us just how much of an influence climate change has on a single heatwave or heat records. 1. Climate change is making Australia hotter. Hot days are happening more often while heatwaves are becoming hotter, longer and more frequent. Th...

24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope

On the 18th  of September, Cool Australia represented Australia as one of 24 global projects selected by Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project to highlight the best stories of hope and inspiration from around the world in a live-streamed, online multimedia broadcast inspiring climate change action.P...

Savanna burns reduce emissions by half a million tonnes

Author: ABC
Source: ABC
Date: 06 October, 2014
The CSIRO says improved fire management practices across northern Australia have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than half a million tonnes over the past year. Savanna burning was introduced as a methodology under the Federal Government's Carbon Farming Initiative, to reduce the frequency ...

Humble sparrow gives clues about climate change impact on birds

Author: Lucy Shannon
Source: ABC
Date: 22 September, 2014
The adage about canaries in the coal mine could similarly be applied to the humble sparrow which is being studied to gauge the impact of climate change on birds. Scientists from Macquarie University in New South Wales are spending 2014 carrying out the Sparrow Project. A few hundred sparrows were ...

Finally, some light relief for the Renewable Energy Target

Author: Iain MacGill
Date: 08 September, 2014
The Australian government has just received a vitally important report to guide their decisions on the future of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). But it’s not the RET review report of the Coalition-appointed expert panel, led by Dick Warburton, which was released last week. Rat...

Appeals to the climate consensus can give the wrong impression

Author: Will Howard
Date: 13 August, 2014
You might have heard that 97% of climate scientists agree the world is warming and people are the cause. This level of agreement, known as “consensus”, is often put forward in the climate debate in support of human-caused global warming and action to mitigate it. It was recently popularised on...