Curious Kids: can Earth be affected by a black hole in the future?

Author: Janie Hoormann
Date: July 31, 2019
That is a great question. As you know, black holes are called that because the gravity in their centre is so strong, it sucks all nearby light in. None can escape. That’s how strong a black’s hole’s gravitational pull is. Black holes create the strongest gravitational pull in the universe (t...

What makes an echo?

Author: Noel Hanna
Date: 20/3/19
What is a sound? What we call “sound” is really just the air in our ears moving back and forth. The air can move fast or slow. We can hear air moving back and forth between 20 and 20,000 times per second. That’s really, really fast! (For the grownups reading right now, human hearing is from ...

Five gifs that explain how pumped hydro actually works

Author: Roger Dargaville
Date: 7/3/19
People have used moving water to create energy for thousands of years. Today, pumped hydro is the most common form of grid-connected energy storage in the world. This technology is in the spotlight because it pairs so well with solar and wind renewable energy. During the day, when solar panels and ...

Ikea unveils ambition to be number one global residential solar retailer.

Author: Jonathan Gifford
Date: 11th of April 2016
The Swedish home furnishing giant is rolling out its residential solar program in three European countries in the coming months before expanding its solar sales points in stores globally. It aims to be the largest residential solar retailer globally. Building on its pioneering role in installing la...

Scotland closes its last coal power plant

Author: Kate Yoder
Source: Grist
Date: 11th of April 2016
Scotland may be home to golf, haggis, and Sean Connery — but it’s no longer hospitable to coal. On March 24, Scottish Power shut down Longanett power station, its last standing coal-fired power plant. Weirdly enough, the act of silencing the plant’s turbines was exactly what you might imagine...

An environmentally just city works best for all in the end.

Author: Anitra Nelson
Date: 7th of March 2016
Melbourne’s population is expected to almost double by mid-century, overtaking Sydney as Australia’s biggest city. But all states are growing and the increases are concentrated in the capital cities. Along with adaptation, developing resilience and decarbonising buildings and other infrastru...

Can you guess which country just set a new world record for wind power?

Author: B. Kahn
Source: Grist
Date: 18 January 2016
Wind turbines are as ubiquitous as clogs, Legos, and tall people in Denmark. Unlike the latter three, though, Denmark’s wind turbines were busy setting a world record in 2015. According to Energinet, Denmark’s electric utility, the country’s turbines accounted for the equivalent of 42 percent...

The great bathroom debate: paper towel or hand dryer?

Author: S. Lockery
Date: 4 January 2016
It’s the age-old question that continues to baffle many of us in the bathroom: when you come to drying your hands, should you reach for the paper towel, or the electric dryer? For some, this decision might be related to hygiene, and for others, drying performance. For many, environmental concerns...