75% of Australia’s marine protected areas are given only ‘partial’ protection. Here’s why that’s a problem

Author: John Turnbull, Carly Cook, Emma Johnston, Graeme Clark, Kelsey Roberts
Date: January 15, 2021
A global coalition of more than 50 countries have this week pledged to protect over 30% of the planet’s lands and seas by the end of this decade. Their reasoning is clear: we need greater protection for nature, to prevent further extinctions and protect the life-sustaining ecosystems crucial to hu...

Resources and Tools for Career Pathways

Author: Adela Kusur
Date: 18/6/21
NEED SOME HELP THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE? High school can be a rollercoaster of emotions and is filled with expectations. You're meant to know which subjects will lead you to your career path, the job title you want, and your expected income. Seems like a lot of pressure, especially when you're sti...

Why school kids need more exposure to the world of work

Author: Kate Torii
Date: 30/06/2018
All students need to experience the world of work, particularly work of the future, long before they leave school, according to a new report out today. The latest Mitchell Institute report, Connecting the worlds of learning and work, says collaborating with industry and the community is vital to be...

Building the nation will be impossible without engineers

Author: Veena Sahajwalla
Date: 3/6/2014
AUSTRALIA 2025: How will science address the challenges of the future? In collaboration with Australia’s chief scientist Ian Chubb, we’re asking how each science discipline will contribute to Australia now and in the future. Written by luminaries and accompanied by two expert commentaries to ens...

To all the women in science … please stand up!

Author: Olivia Carter
Date: 15/10/2013
As a woman interested in improving outcomes for women I feel like I am about to betray “the cause” by suggestion that any – even the smallest degree – of responsibility for the under-representation of women in science should be taken by the women wanting to be in science. Don’t get me wro...