How is oxygen ‘sucked out’ of our waterways?

Author: Stuart Khan
Date: 14/01/19
A million fish have died in the Murray Darling basin, as oxygen levels plummet due to major algal blooms. Experts have warned we could see more mass deaths this week. Fingers have been pointed at poor water management after a long period of drought. However, mass fish deaths can also be caused by f...

Curious Kids: why has nobody found any life outside of Earth?

Author: Josh Calcino, Jake Clark
Date: 14/1/19
Our place in the Universe Earth is inside our Solar System, along with the other planets (like Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter) orbiting a star we call the Sun. But our Solar System is just one of many inside the huge Milky Way galaxy. And the Milky Way is just one of many, many galaxies in the Univers...

Ten feelgood environment stories you may have missed in 2018

Author: Michael Hopkin
Date: 07/01/18
Let’s be honest – environment news isn’t always the jolliest, and 2018 was no exception. From climate change, to recycling, to energy policy, at times it has felt like we’ve been lurching from one crisis to the next. So here are ten upbeat environmental stories from this year that prove it...

Unpacking the history of how Earth feeds life, and life changes Earth

Author: Anthony Dosseto, Alexander Young, Nicolas Flament
Date: 20/12/18
At a fleeting glance, the study of life – biology – seems very separate from that of rocks, or geology. But a look back through history shows that geological processes have been key to the evolution of life on Earth. Geology has shaped biology by creating favourable conditions, and indeed the b...

Carbon emissions will reach 37 billion tonnes in 2018, a record high

Author: Pep Canadell, Corinne Le Quéré, Glen Peters, Robbie Andrew, Rob Jackson
Date: 6/12/18
Carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions from fossil fuels and industry are projected to rise more than 2% (range 1.8% to 3.7%) in 2018, taking global fossil CO₂ emissions to a new record high of 37.1 billion tonnes. The strong growth is the second consecutive year of increasing emissions since the 2014-...