Six of the best environmentally-friendly Australian startups

Author: Lianna Speers
Date: 20th July 2016
At Ideas Hoist, we’ve noticed that startups with an environmental purpose are on the rise. As the world grapples with the immensity of waste, climate and biodiversity challenges, these eco-friendly entrepreneurs are finding innovative and exciting ways to help meet these challenges, while improvi...

What’s the cost of cycling vs driving.

Author: Alan Davies
Date: 11th of May 2016
The social costs of cycling are much lower than those of driving but according to a recent Danish study it's not because of reduced pollution or emissions The findings from a new study on the costs and benefits of cycling have gotten plenty of attention in mainstream and social media because they t...

Environmental score card shows Australia is once again in decline.

Author: David Summers and Albert Van Dijk
Date: 11th of May 2016
After some unusually wet years, our landscape and ecosystems have once again returned to poorer conditions that were last experienced during the Millennium Drought. That is the main conclusion of Australia’s Environment in 2015 – an environmental score card and accompanying data explorer that w...

Ikea unveils ambition to be number one global residential solar retailer.

Author: Jonathan Gifford
Date: 11th of April 2016
The Swedish home furnishing giant is rolling out its residential solar program in three European countries in the coming months before expanding its solar sales points in stores globally. It aims to be the largest residential solar retailer globally. Building on its pioneering role in installing la...

The largest river on Earth is invisible — and airborne

Author: Dan Kedmey
Source: TED
Date: 23rd of March 2016
On a typical sunny day in the Amazon, 20 billion metric tons of water flow upward through the trees and pour into the air, an invisible river that flows through the sky across a continent.  “This river of vapor that comes up from the forest and goes into the atmosphere is greater than the A...