Two in three Australians drive to work, study of commuting habits finds

Author: ABC
Source: ABC
Date: 03 February, 2014
Nearly two in three Australians drive to work in a private car while only one in 10 commuters relies on public transport, a study of census data has found. Meanwhile, there are 13.3 million registered vehicles in Australia, amounting to one vehicle for every 1.37 people of driving age. And fewer t...

Marine ecologists restore seaweed species to Sydney’s coastline

Author: ABC
Source: ABC
Date: 15 January, 2014
Marine ecologists from the University of New South Wales say they have successfully restored a seaweed species that once thrived along Sydney's coastline. The species, commonly known as crayweed, vanished along a large stretch of Sydney's coast during the 1970s and 80s, most likely due to high leve...

Blog – Sometimes you have to follow your passion!

Author: Jess McKelson
Source: Cool Australia
Date: 08 November, 2013
  Some people call it an epiphany, some call it a realisation, I called it a responsibility. Arriving back to Australia, it was clear to me that not many people knew much about Palm oil and where it came from. It was also evident that there was little understanding as to how prevalent its us...

Wasted food is world’s third-biggest carbon emitter after China and US: UN

Author: Reuters
Source: ABC News
Date: 12 September, 2013
The food the world wastes accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than any country except for China and the United States, according to a United Nations report. It says every year about a third of all food for human consumption, around 1.3 billion tonnes, is wasted, along with all the energy, ...

Container deposit scheme back on full-bottle track

Author: ABC
Source: ABC News
Date: 07 August, 2013
The Northern Territory's container deposit scheme is back on track. The granting of an exemption from federal law means that beverage companies must again repay deposits of 10 cents a bottle or can recycled through the Territory system. In its last meeting before next month's election, the Feder...

Farmers could use land to create power as well as food

Author: Julia Davies & Eunice Simmons
Date: 18 July, 2013
One of Britain’s largest independent cheese producers, Wyke Farms in Somerset, picked up a commendation in the BusinessGreen Leaders awards this month for its efforts to become completely energy self-sufficient. By using farm waste to generate heat, power and fertiliser, the farm will cut carbon...