Curious Kids: how do we feel thirsty?

Author: Roshan Rigby,
Date: November 15, 2021
Most of our body is made of water. And we need water to do all sorts of really important things. We need water to help us digest our food, and move nutrients and oxygen around our body. We need water to make our muscles move and to make sure we don’t get too hot or too cold. We lose water all the...

Is the Earth running out of clean water?

Author: Balsher Singh Sidhu
Source: TED-Ed
Date: December 2018
Despite water covering 71% of the planet's surface, more than half the world's population endures extreme water scarcity for at least one month a year. Current estimates predict that by 2040, up to 20 more countries could be experiencing water shortages. These statistics raise a startling question: ...

Only half of packaging waste is recycled – here’s how to do better

Author: Nick Florin, Ben Madden
Date: 28/2/19
Almost half of Australia’s packaging waste is not being recovered for recycling, according to the first comprehensive study to track the fate of used packaging materials. Overall, 56% of packaging was recovered for recycling in 2017-18, according to our study, carried out at the UTS Institute fo...

Five gifs that explain how pumped hydro actually works

Author: Roger Dargaville
Date: 7/3/19
People have used moving water to create energy for thousands of years. Today, pumped hydro is the most common form of grid-connected energy storage in the world. This technology is in the spotlight because it pairs so well with solar and wind renewable energy. During the day, when solar panels and ...

Curious Kids: what makes a shooting star fall?

Author: Lisa Harvey-Smith
Date: 18/02/19
Once upon a time there was a tiny speck of dust - space dust - called Gemma. For many years she had spent her time wandering carefree through space and dancing around the planets and the stars. One day, Gemma noticed a light in the distance. “What’s that?”, she wondered to herself. As she got...

How is oxygen ‘sucked out’ of our waterways?

Author: Stuart Khan
Date: 14/01/19
A million fish have died in the Murray Darling basin, as oxygen levels plummet due to major algal blooms. Experts have warned we could see more mass deaths this week. Fingers have been pointed at poor water management after a long period of drought. However, mass fish deaths can also be caused by f...

It takes a lot of water to feed us, but recycled water could help.

Author: Rachel Carey, Jennifer Sheridan and Seona Candy
Date: 7th of March 2016
 Australians eat a lot of water – the water that is used to produce our food. New findings from our Foodprint Melbourne study estimate that more than 475 litres of water is used to grow each person’s food every day. This is just the irrigation water used to grow our food. We consume much mo...

Eight million tonnes of plastic are going into the ocean each year

Author: Britta Denise Hardesty & Chris Wilcox
Date: 15 November, 2015
  You might have heard the oceans are full of plastic, but how full exactly? Around 8 million metric tonnes go into the oceans each year, according to the first rigorous global estimate published in Science today. That’s equivalent to 16 shopping bags full of plastic for every metre of ...