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Author: Jason Kimberley
Date: 27 September, 2013

The newly formed Climate Council

The Climate Commission was set up by the previous federal government in order ‘to provide reliable and authoritative’ scientific information on climate change. Given that Climate Change science is pretty tricky and requiring a lifetimes study to get an understanding of it, you would have thought that it was a pretty good idea to help people understand it. So it stands to reason that if you don’t want people to understand Climate Change and the threats it poses to the Australia economy you would just stop giving people an opportunity to understand it. Pretty simple really.

So last Thursday the incoming federal government scrapped the Climate Commission, citing avoiding the $1.6million price tag as ‘part of the Coalition’s plans to streamline government processes and avoid duplication.’ What an interesting start to stopping the waste! Several people asked me what I thought about all of this and I responded that I thought it was a really sad reflection on Australia that we had turned our back on science and instead followed uniformed opinion. No, the decision didn’t surprise me but it did sadden me. I’m such a sook.
The weekend meandered along and parts of the media expressed shock at the decision to scrap the Climate Commission. Meanwhile while other parts of the media could not restrain their delight that their mortal enemies at the Climate Commission or more correctly the ‘warming alarmists’ had finally got their right whack. How strangely we Australians, Canadians and Americans view the world – with our frontier mentalities. We think that every natural thing must be conquered and enslaved to the wants of humans no matter what the ultimate hidden costs are to all humans. It’s no wonder that just about every living system is in a rate of accelerating decline and most of us haven’t the first clue that our life support system is crumbling around us.
So with various media outlets still gloating about their role in scrapping the Climate Commission and everything it stood for, several of the former Climate Commissioners had already hatched a plan of their own. Through the instant world of social media, at 1am in the morning on Tuesday, the former Climate Commissioners became Climate Councillors. They set up the Climate Council as a not-for-profit, non aligned organisation that was to be funded by Australians who were more interested in science than opinions and they would continue working for no fees. Just 13 hours after the announcement $130,000 had been raised by more than 5000 extraordinary Australians who give a stuff and are prepared to put their money where their collective mouths are. Thousands of Australians were contributing to something much larger and more important than themselves. 
The good guys don’t win very often so its important to recognise it when they do. So to everyone who thought they were just one person against the might and power of Big Polluters, vested interest and their allies – great things really can happen when good people take responsibility and make things happen. By the end of Thursday 15,000 people had donated $500,000 to keep science and inconvenient truths in the public debate and push ill informed opinion and outdated ideology aside.
Jason Kimberley – Founder and CEO of Cool Australia
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