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The Cool Australia PowerPoints, now available in the Biodiversity and Energy sections across all year levels, are a powerful new teaching tool that help teachers introduce key concepts. The PowerPoint can be used straight from the Cool Australia website or downloaded by clicking on the Powerpoint and using the SlideShare website. Once you have downloaded the Powerpoint, you will find teaching tips, activities and extra content information in the notes section. 

For Primary students, these PowerPoints are a great teaching tool to get younger students thinking about different subjects. They are more visually based, and focus on introducing them to the topic in an engaging and easy-to-comprehend method. For Secondary students, the PowerPoints are more content-heavy, which enables them to expand on their existing knowledge. They are also invaluable in helping the teacher to observe some of their misconceptions.


The PowerPoints were built to be a flexible learning tool by serving the needs of teachers with varying degrees of expertise in the subject: those who are new to to the subject are fully supported with original content knowledge; for those more familiar with the subject, The PowerPoints can be downloaded and adjusted to fit the requirements of the assignment or lesson through SlideShare. Additionally, the Cool Australia Classroom Share feature allows teachers to share the PowerPoint with their students using a specialised link.


Each Power Point also features a short quiz at the end that help the students reinforce what they have just learned:

Look for the Cool Australia PowerPoints to be available across all subjects later this year.