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Cool Australia is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to empower students to be change agents able to solve world issues. We do this by upskilling educators to become designers of exceptional learning for all young Australians.

Our Australian curriculum-aligned, comprehensive portfolio of free educational materials focus on relevant issues, creating a sense of urgency and building students’ capacity to be socially responsible global citizens. Students develop a clear purpose, a growth mindset, greater responsibility, resilience and entrepreneurship. Leading educational experts design each lessons so that instruction, content, skill building, assessment and pedagogy are built into every resource.

Cool Australia was founded in 2008 by Jason Kimberley, who identified the need to provide our current and future generations with relevant and engaging information about the world around us. He understood that embedding the general curriculum (EnglishMathsScience and STEM etc) in “real-life”, contemporary issues would result in a greater engagement of students in education and produce better educational outcomes. Giving all Australian students access to high quality, meaningful education regardless of their geographical location, background or situation.

More than 110,000 educators use our resources to teach 2.5 million students. Our emphasis on evaluation demonstrates transparency, accountability and our commitment to achieving social impact.