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‘The Cool Australia website was really helpful with our ERP (Education Research Project). Each student does their own based on their area of interest. Our Civics, Citizenship and Sustainability class loved the Water game – it was a lot of fun!’ Yiana, student

Lindy McManus is the Sustainability Coordinator at Beaumaris Primary School. Her school, including her Year 4 students, are regularly using the Cool Australia resources as part of their curriculum. Depending on the subject focus (History, Maths, etc.), there is a sustainability based ‘learning intention’ that the teachers use when planning their lessons. 

Cool Australia’s educational program brings sustainability and our environment into the classroom, providing teachers with engaging, fun and informative learning activities on a whole range of environmental topics. See to sign-up.


It is personalised learning that makes it simple for teachers to put into their lesson plans. Whether it’s Water, Waste or Energy, the activities, videos and games slot easily into the curriculum to make for an exciting and engaging lesson. In particular, Lindy commented that the students enjoy the videos and games. These tools are great in helping to engage students while they are learning. 

Cool Australia had the opportunity to talk to some of Lindy’s Year 4 students, and here is what they had to say about the website and resources:

‘I can find my way easily on the website. It helps me learn how to make less rubbish. I like the videos, especially ‘How Green is Your Internet?’, because we use the internet a lot at school.’ Leonard, student

‘We love the video “Journey to the Abyss”. There are a bunch of weird sea creatures in it! We like your website because it makes it easy to learn and stay organised.’ Georgia, student


Cool Australia makes learning about our environment fun and educational. Take a look at our resources to see if they would work for your school!