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Date: 15th September 2015

Here are some words in different languages that are used to talk about nature:

Ag borradh (Irish) – the vitality and promise that arrives with Spring, telling us that new life is about to start.

Aloha aina (Hawaiian) – love of the land.

Bangweulu (Bemba, Zambia) – where the water meets the sky.

Dadirri (Aboriginal Australian) – contemplation, deep inner listening and quiet awareness of creation that allows you to be at peace with yourself, with others and with nature.

Gökotta (Swedish) – to wake up early in the morning with the purpose of going outside to hear the first birds of Spring.

Gümüş servi (Turkish) – reflections of the moon on the water.

Hoppípolla (Icelandic) – to jump into puddles.

Komorebi (Japanese) – the dappled light effect when sunlight shines through tree leaves.

Madrugada (Spanish) – the moment at dawn when night greets day.

Serein (French) – fine rain falling from a cloudless sky, typically after sunset.

Shinrin-yoku (Japanese) – a visit to the forest for relaxation (‘forest bathing’)

Songimvelo (SiSwati, South Africa) – to care for nature.

Tenalach (Irish) – the relationship and deep connection with the land/air/water that allows one to literally hear the earth sing.