Free Early Learning Teaching Activities, Lessons and Curriculum Resources

A collection of professional development courses, useful resources, teaching tips, and activity ideas for kids, to help Early Learning Educators improve outcomes for their children and centres and expand their creative horizons of learning experiences. 

All of these resources:

  • are mapped to the National Quality Framework
  • use evidence-based strategies, such as play-based learning, and intentional teaching strategies
  • are FREE TO USE!

How to use these resources

If you’ve never used a Cool resource before, allow us to take you through how they work and what they include.

Let’s have a look

Before diving into an activity, we give you a quick indication of what’s involved, so you can decide whether this activity is right for you.

We begin with a Quick summary of what kids will be doing in the activity. You’ll also be able to see how long this activity is expected to take, as well as some of the equipment, items, and resources you’ll need to have on hand to make this activity run smoothly. 

All of our activities align with the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, guiding you on how these activities meet expected developmental milestones for children. Cool has consulted with a number of highly experienced professionals in a range of fields, including early learning education, social and emotional development, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators, to ensure all of the information here is at the cutting edge of early learning education. 

If this all sounds appealing, click to download the Activity Worksheet. It comes as a Word document, so if you’re feeling creative or need to add your own notes, it’s fully customisable!

Activities usually contain a Learning Goal so that you know what you’re aiming to develop in kids by undertaking this activity. These goals match up nicely with the EYLF Learning Outcomes. 

There might be some background information to help you become more knowledgeable about what you’re about to teach.

Then it’s onto the learning sequence. This section contains absolutely everything you need to know about what you’re doing (and what kids should be doing) in a clear, step by step series of instructions.

Scattered throughout lessons are helpful little teaching tips about developmental milestones for kids. Consider these ‘mini PD’ which you can absorb on the go to improve your practice. Or perhaps they’ll spark an interest for you to conduct more research – in which case we’ve included some helpful links to start your on your learning journey.

Active listening shows students that what they have to say is important. This helps maintain joint attention and supports more complex thoughts and ideas to be injected into a conversation as it unfolds. You can show students their contributions are valued by:

    •  Using verbal and non-verbal cues including
    •  Making eye contact
    •  Nodding
    •  Using short verbal cues such as ‘mmm’, ‘yes’ to show you’re listening
    •  Facial expressions (e.g. surprise, concern) and gestures (e.g. shrugging)
    •  Allowing a student’s interest to steer the conversation by building onto their contribution.

For more evidence-based advice on supporting oral language development click here.

Finally, we’ve included a helpful reflection form to keep track of what your kids achieved today.



Cool organises all of our lessons into units so that if you find something you like, you can stick to similar activities.

Want to focus on all things Bluey? Maybe you’re looking for ideas on how to help kids in your centre to get active, or calm their bodies and minds using breath circles.

Click below to find each of these collections. Or, browse all of our early learning activity ideas in one place.


Each activity showcases an episode from Bluey and contains all the intentional teaching strategies, NQF mapping and activities needed to bring Bluey to life in your centre.

Get Active

Physical activities all about having fun and moving your body in specific ways.

Breath Circles

Mindful breathing techniques to teach children how to shift emotional states, developed in partnership with Beata Hayman from Breath Circle.

Caring for Country

Introduce some big ideas around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples and cultures. Then dig into a range of games, stories, art and dance activities themed around a different element.

All Early Learning Resources

Activity ideas for kids, to help Early Learning Educators improve outcomes for their children and centres and expand their creative horizons of learning experiences. 


Cool has so many suggestions for games, readings, and learning experiences to share with kids in your centre.

Each of these self-contained activities has all the information to support you through how to prepare your space, guide kids through the activity, and the expected developmental milestones for kids these activities are targeting.

Check out some of our favourite picks below. 

“It’s so cute the way kids quickly adopt the role of hairdresser and client making polite small talk just like adults.”
“I play this with kids all this time. They have so much fun running, hopping, and stomping around the space like different animals!”
“A fantastic activity using the element of wind, explore breath and emotional regulation to help lift children’s energy levels, or tune them into a mindset ready for new experiences and learning.”
“I love the way this activity explores how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures use movement and dance to share stories and knowledge.”

Professional Development

Cool has produced a range of learning opportunities to help you further your practice and gain valuable skills.

As early learning education continues to develop, Cool pursues the cutting edge of these practices, collaborating with highly skilled educators and researchers and bringing this valuable learning to you in an easily digestible, practical, and fun series of courses. 

Caring for Country

Looking to incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into your centre? This course helps you overcome some of the barriers to teaching these perspectives, and shows you how go about incorporating these perspectives in a respectful way

Introduction to Early Learning STEM

This course will help you understand the essential foundations of STEM teaching and learning and provide opportunities to help build knowledge, skills and confidence to take on STEM in your early learning environment.

Teach Nature Play

Get your children outside and enjoying the many benefits of nature play

Use Sustainability to Achieve EYLF Outcomes

Sustainability education can help your children reach Early Years Learning Framework outcomes in lots of different ways.

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