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Join thousands of young Australians taking positive action for a sustainable future, August 24-30, 2014.
In 2013 — 160,283 young Australian took up 490,888 Enviroweek challenges.
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Schools, classes and students take on a challenge, see their positive impact and create good habits for life.

Schools celebrate existing projects, reinvigorate old ones or get new spring projects underway.

NEW IN 2014!  Early Learning, Primary and Secondary curriculum-linked activity for all challenges.


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  • Celebrate and showcase environmental achievements
  • Raise environmental awareness with students and your community
  • Reinvigorate lapsed projects
  • Start new projects for spring
  • Easy and fun environmental action
  • Free access* to curriculum-aligned, flexible activities
  • Experiential learning with real life application
  • CO2e challenge measures show results and motivate positive change
  • Be part of something bigger – local action has a national impact
  • Increase student health and well-being through nature activities
  • Improve indoor learning through outdoor experiences
  • Help build generations of active and informed citizens
  • Access Cool Australia’s award-winning resources