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National Bird Week
October 19, 2013
October 25, 2013
October 9, 2013

Join in Bird Week events and “Meet Your Neighbours”

There are over 900 species of birds in Australia, so no matter where you are, you live side by side with birds — whether you realise it or not.  You can see them on the way to work, in the garden, down at the park, on our beaches and in the bush. Getting to know local birds is as easy as looking out the window or stepping out the front door.   

Many activities are held during Bird Week — so get out and meet your neighbours!  BirdLife Australia run local bird walks, bird breakfasts, exhibitions, photography classes and more throughout the week, so it’s easy to discover which birds are living in your neighbourhood. Simply download the events calendar  to see what’s on in your area. 

How can I get involved with Bird Week 2013?

Vote in the Australia’s Favourite Bird election, or if you feel passionately about one of the birds on the ballot, start up a campaign to make sure your favourite gets the votes you think they deserve.  Send in your campaign messages and get your favourite neighbour elected. Material can be sent to birdweek@birdlife.org.au

On a more serious note, our birds are important to many people for many reasons: the farmers who have help with their insect control, the musicians who uses bird calls in their music or the family which gets enjoyment simply from watching the birds in their back yard.  We can all do our bit to ensure a safe and secure environment to keep the birds around us.   

  • Create a bird-friendly environment in your garden

There are heaps of things that can be done to make your garden bird friendly.  Plant some dense, prickly native shrubs where birds can build their nests or hide from predators, or plant some native flowering plants that provide food or attract insects.  Leave logs and fallen leaves on the ground — they provide feeding sites for all sorts of birds. You can find out more at www.birdsinbackyards.net.

  • Keep cats indoors

Minimise the chances of birds being eaten or their nest disturbed by prowling cats.

  • Keep dogs on a leash

Keeping your dog under control on a leash minimises disturbance of birds that feed on the ground or nest along our beaches.

  • Participate in projects

BirdLife Australia has a whole range of on-ground conservation projects designed to help protect our birds.  For information on these projects and how you can get involved, visitwww.birdlife.org.au/projects

  • Learn about your neighbours

Who lives in your garden, your park or school?  Why do they live there and what do they need to stay there?  Perhaps learn about the birds which once lived in your garden or school or park, and find out why they are no longer there.  Can you do something to help them move back in?

For more information, head to Bird Life Australia