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The world’s ecosystems have changed more rapidly in the last half of the twentieth century than ever before in recorded history. The human-caused rate of extinction is 1000 times greater now than at any time in our earth’s history.

Our population and consumption levels are off the charts. We are eating more, drinking more, buying more stuff, jamming it into bigger homes, building bigger cities and driving more cars. To do this we drain our natural resources and our environment – the very things that keep us alive.

In Australia, one of the greatest threats to biodiversity is land clearing, which destroys natural habitats and ecosystems as well as trees. Imagine being evicted from your home and having your entire neighbourhood bulldozed leaving you to begin sorting out your life from there. Over half our native vegetation has been cleared.

Add to that a range of other threats to our biodiversity – such as climate change, over-grazing, salinity and invasive species – and you have a rotten mix for our native plants and animals. There’s no doubt: our biodiversity really needs all of our help to return to a healthy state to support us to live healthy lives.