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Author: Cool Australia and IMAGI-NATION {TV}
Date: 20/07/2020

Hope’s Design Awards

Have you ever thought about how to solve a problem? How can you use your creativity to achieve a new or different outcome?

There are so many inspirational people, both young and old, around the globe. Hope’s Design Awards were established by the team at IMAGI-NATION{TV} to share inspiring stories and recognise the efforts of people from different backgrounds, finding creative solutions to all sorts of design challenges — those building the world today and tomorrow.

Hope’s Design Awards is a segment on IMAGI-NATION{TV} that airs on Wednesdays during the ‘Designers’ episodes. 

Access our curriculum-aligned lesson for Hope’s Design Awards.

View the ‘Hope’s Design Awards’ playlist.

Get Involved – Students & Teachers

How does it work?
Each week IMAGI-NATION{TV} recognises designers who contribute to a fairer world from two categories:

The Lifetime Achievement Award
This is given to someone who has made a significant contribution to a particular field over their lifetime. 

The Future Award
Awarded to a young person under the age of 25 who has created something incredible – showing they can be the solution to challenges in the world.


How can you participate? 
Teachers and students can nominate community members from both the school and the world around them by sending their nominations to [email protected] and making sure they answer these questions:

  • Who are you nominating?
  • For which category?
  • Who are they/what have they achieved?
  • What about their work contributes to a better and fairer world?
  • How does this person and their work align with any of the AIME values?
  • What makes them stand out from others in the same field?


How do the team at IMAGI-NATION{TV} decide who wins each week? 
The team at IMAGI-NATION{TV} select the winners each week. Because this is creative, they have a bit of freedom to look at different criteria, but things that are considered in the selection process include:

  • Creativity, Impact, Hope and Change – Are they a hopeful designer? Does their design contribute to a fairer world?
  • Brave Goals – What sets this person and their work apart?
  • Hard Work and Discipline – Are they the best at what they do or are they extraordinarily committed to their cause?
  • AIME values – How does this person and their work align with any of the AIME values?


Share your experiences so we can all learn
Learning from each other is vital to new designers and educators so we want you to share your experiences. Shout it from the rooftops – let your community know – or even better tag us on social media at #imaginationTV so we can shout for you.


AIME - Hopepng

Meet Hope

She’s kinda cute, bubbly and most importantly full of hope! Hope shares imagination and inspiration from designers across the globe.

Hope asks the questions that we all want to know the answers to and finds out what’s behind the designs, what inspired the designers, how they got there, if it was hard and how we can do it too. Plus a whole lot more.



IMAGI-NATION{TV} was created as a response to COVID-19 school closures around the globe but is continuing to hold relevance in the teaching community beyond the pandemic. The daily TV show is broadcast live on the Internet, and it’s a gift for teachers, parents and kids to help make sense of today and imagine tomorrow.

The team at IMAGI-NATION {TV} developed this program to address the problem of how to mentor kids during the school closures. Building on the mentoring program established by Jack Manning Bancroft and the AIME mentoring team, they found a very creative solution. We hope their creativity might inspire you!

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