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Being Brave in the Time of COVID-19

Due to school closures early in 2020 because of COVID-19, AIME mentors were no longer able to run their usual programs. In response, AIME created IMAGI-NATION{TV} and the IMAGI-NATION{CLASSROOM} experience to put a mentor in the home every day during COVID-19 and beyond.

Being Brave in the Time of COVID-19 is a segment on IMAGI-NATION{TV} that airs on Tuesdays during the ‘Youngsters’ episodes. 

Access our curriculum-aligned lesson for Being Brave in the Time of COVID-19.

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Get Involved – Students & Teachers

How does it work?
Every week, a youngster will be invited to share their experiences during the pandemic. At the end, when we come out with a vaccine and we’ve reimagined the world we live in, it’ll be a video diary of young people talking about being brave during the times of COVID-19.


How can you participate? 
Students can apply to have their COVID-19 video diary featured by sending submissions [email protected] to and making sure they answer these questions:

  • How has your life been affected by COVID-19?
  • How have you been brave during the time of COVID-19?


How do the team at IMAGI-NATION{TV} decide who’s video diary gets to be featured each week? 
The team at IMAGI-NATION{TV} select the video diaries each week. They look for things like:

  • Hope – Does your video diary lend hope to other youngsters who are finding it tough during COVID-19?
  • Brave goals – Does your video diary demonstrate how you have been brave during the time of COVID-19?
  • Inspiration – Have you said anything that is particularly inspiring or a good takeaway?
  • Imagination – Have you used your imagination to convey your message to other youngsters around the world?


Share your experiences so we can all learn
Learning from each other is vital to existing and emerging leaders so we want you to share your experiences. Shout it from the rooftops – let your community know – or even better tag us on social media at #imaginationTV so we can shout for you.



IMAGI-NATION{TV} was created as a response to COVID-19 school closures around the globe but is continuing to hold relevance in the teaching community beyond the pandemic. The daily TV show is broadcast live on the Internet, and it’s a gift for teachers, parents and kids to help make sense of today and imagine tomorrow.

The team at IMAGI-NATION{TV} developed this program to address the problem of how to mentor kids during the school closures. Building on the mentoring program established by Jack Manning Bancroft and the AIME mentoring team, they found a very creative solution. We hope their creativity might inspire you!

Find out more about the team at IMAGI-NATION{TV}

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