Cool Australia has been working with Stile Education, the experts in e-learning, to produce the first interactive sustainability subject – Innovation Generation

Innovation Generation is powered by the Stile platform. Stile allows you to:

  • Teach meaningful, interactive lessons in a fun and engaging way. 
  • Save time by monitoring your student progress live
  • Provide students with instant feedback.
  • Modify units and lessons to suit individual student and curriculum needs.
Created by educational experts, Innovation Generation is a Year 5 & 6 inquiry subject with over 50 hours of teaching material. The subject blends digital and real life learning through the study of social and sustainability topics.

Each lesson is mapped to the Australian Curriculum and covers a range of content areas from science, English and ICT. It also addresses a range of cross curriculum priorities and general capabilities.

You will find everything you need to create exceptional learning experiences for your students.
Check it out now by clicking here.
Stile Library Example