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Bee on flower - hero resizedThis unit, developed in partnership with ACT for Bees, supports students to inquire into the role of bees in the ecosystem and what it takes for them flourish in their role as pollinators. This unit culminates in a social action bee project – empowering students to take action on the issues surrounding bees in their school and community. 

These interactive lessons incorporate videos, student-friendly fact sheets, group work strategies, visible thinking tools and supported discussions. Students will develop an understanding of bees, their role as pollinators, the threats they face and the steps they can take to be bee-friendly.

The lessons feature activities that integrate the Australian Curriculum learning areas of Science, English, Arts, Maths and HASS for Years 5 & 6. They cover flower dissection, plant reproduction, flower structure, and the coevolution of bees and flowers. Students will learn about the threats to bees and the importance of bees in the production of the food we eat. 

Through critical and creative thinking, students will consider the impact of bees based on social, environmental and economic criteria. Students will be encouraged and supported to take action to address issues relating to the survival of bees. Each lesson includes a reflection, extension ideas and provisional learning support ideas. 

This unit includes activities such as: 

  • A nature awareness walk
  • Utilising mind maps to explore the issues affecting bees
  • Techniques to increase students’ focus
  • Mindfulness bee colouring
  • Scientific investigation around flowers, pollination and bees
  • Art ideas around bees and flowers
  • Student empathy practices
  • A maths grid techniques lesson 
  •  Mindfulness activity for students





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