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Cool Australia has partnered with Planet Ark to support teachers with National Recycling Week classroom lessons.

Turn your recycling efforts into classroom learning by accessing our online lesson plans and digital resources. Each lesson is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and includes hands-on, student-centred learning activities that are fun and engaging. These four lessons are mapped to a variety of Year 1 & 2 Australian Curriculum outcomes for  for English, History, Science and Geography; covering a range of themes of recycling and sustainability, project planning, and collaborative consumption. 

These resources include video stimuli, reflection activities, exploration of sustainability through age appropriate picture books and both teacher and student worksheets. 

 Learning goals for Years 1 & 2 National Recycling Week lessons below:


  • Students build an understanding of how different generations managed their waste. 
  • Students learn to sort and name a variety of waste materials.
  • Students identify and compare the properties of packaging materials and start linking the properties of materials with their use. 
  • Students devise a trading/sharing system.
  • Students recognise the names and components of different waste materials.
  • Students gain a greater understanding of recycling and sustainability through literature
  • Students understand the impact of overconsumption on the environment and on society.
  • Students identify sustainability issues;
  • Students will rethink the concept of sharing and waste and take action to alter their own consumption habits.
  • Students will create their own writing and artwork that reflects their vision of a more sustainable environment.


Access these resources below.