National Recycling Week Logorecycling bins NRW hero resizedCool Australia has partnered with Planet Ark to support teachers with National Recycling Week classroom lessons.

Turn your recycling efforts into classroom learning by accessing our online lesson plans and digital resources. Each lesson is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and includes hands-on, student-centred learning activities that are fun and engaging. 

This suite of over 10 lessons are mapped to Year 3 & 4 outcomes of the Australian Curriculum for English, Geography, Science, and Design and Technology. Featuring two interactive whiteboard lessons, and a NAPLAN* preparation lesson, an interactive recycling app and school project planning these lesson will support teachers in participating in the Schools Recycle Right Challenge for Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week. 


Through these lessons students will:

  • Plan, write, draft and write a narrative text in response to a set prompt
  • Determine the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources
  • Understand the problems with a linear chain of production and their personal resource use
  • Design a cartoon to communication the benefits of recycling mobile phones
  • Think about waste and recycling from the perspective of a piece of garbage
  • Understand that waste materials have different rates of decomposition
  • Learn the processes in both the paper and aluminium recycling loop 
  • Complete creative writing tasks in response to a recycling based text


Access these resources below. 


*This lesson plan is not an officially endorsed publication of NAPLAN’s creators and administrators – the ACARA body – but is designed to provide practise for the Australian Curriculum’s compulsory NAPLAN testing scheme.