Dandelion in the grass frameCool Australia’s Nature of Mindfulness lessons are a great way to integrate outdoor learning, mindfulness and meditation into your daily practice or to explore the messages of Planet Ark’s Schools Tree Day with your children.

This series of Early Years Learning Framework aligned lessons support Early Learning educators and are backed by scientific research. These lessons contain step-by-step instructions and scripts – all the tools educators need to feel supported and confident when guiding children in their mindfulness practice.

This suite of lessons allows you to explore mindfulness using nature as a stimulus. They are designed to help children to tune into each of their senses, their environment and their inner thoughts and feelings. Children develop skills in focus, attention, resilience, emotional intelligence and regulation of the body and emotions.


These free-to-access lessons below include:

  • Utilising a ‘Breathing Buddy’ to calm and focus children on their breathing
  • Guided mediations for ‘smiling on the inside’
  • Using all five senses to explore an outside area
  • Using the premise of a superhero with superpowers as a means of focusing children on each of their senses


Cool Australia also offers a digital library full of TED talks, research articles, guided meditations and mindful colouring sheets for you to share with your centre and community.