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Source: G-online

At 18, Jesse Martin became the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo, non-stop and unassisted on his 34-foot yacht Lionheart! 

Having so much experience within marine environments, Martin understands their beauty and importance, and he is now an ambassador for the Protect our Coral Sea campaign.

Australia’s Coral Sea is less than one per cent fully protected. Protect our Coral Sea is trying to help build a very large, world-class, highly protected marine park to provide a safe haven for marine life. 

Without a high level of protection, the beauty and biodiversity of the Coral Sea will diminish over time. If the whole of the Coral Sea was fully protected, the new Coral Sea Marine Park would be the world’s largest – at about one million square kilometres.

Jesse Martin says: “It would be such a great thing, such a great milestone and we’re really quite close to making it happen.”