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We were thinking about two big problems that are getting worse and worse.

The news is full of stories about us being too plump, overweight or even obese and how this is bad for our health. A big cause of the problem is lack of exercise (along with too much of the wrong food or possibly genetics).

The other big news story is climate change and how we need to look at the way we live and give some serious thought to creating less pollution.

So we have people in need of exercise and a need to reduce pollution. How about everyone who is in need of exercise (make that everyone, full stop) sack the car for half an hour every day and … wait for it … walk!

Every doctor, friend and loved one in the world would be thrilled if was to happen. Knock off the two birds of obesity and pollution, with just one stone.

If everyone spent half an hour walking every day instead of being driven around, the collective payoff for Australia’s health would be huge!

If everyone walked for half an hour every day instead of sitting in their car Australians would cut emissions each year by 4.3 million tonnes for Australia. That’s huge!!!

On top of that, we could save 330 million litres of fuel (130 Olympic swimming pools) and pocket a $495 million saving.

If we all walked or rode our bikes a bit more we would lose 100 million kilograms – that’s 50 space shuttles worth. How many MCG’s worth of blubber is that?

Every person who walks for half an hour every day (with a good diet) would lose 6kg over the course of a year.

Imagine the dollars saved! Reduce pollution, get healthier and save money at the same time!!!

Call us crazy! Tell us we are dreaming. We reckon we might be onto something.

Sack the car for just half an hour a day and walk.