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Cool Australia had the privilege of having Mia Vissenjoux speak at our annual ‘Love Your Planet’ Valentine’s Day Women’s Lunch. She is the Environmental Captain of Brighton Secondary College and has quickly become a voice for environmental responsibility for her generation, whom some refer to as an ‘international environmental crusader’.

Her thoughtful and impassioned presentation of the importance of having young people participate in the current and future health of our environment moved the crowd greatly, and many of the lunch’s participants noted her speech as the highlight of the day.

It is students such as Mia whom Cool Australia is not only trying to reach, but also nurture in their curiosity and passion about our environment. Mia has had the opportunity to use the Cool Australia website, and she commented: ‘Cool Australia provides a resource to ensure that all students engage in learning that allows them to have a voice and make a difference’. Cool Australia strives to meet the expectations of Mia and her peers by continuously being innovative in the development of our resources.

See Mia’s entire speech here:
Mia first made her voice heard at the age of 11, when she lobbied Qantas to use more recycled products in their business. Now 13, Keep Australia Beautiful has named her the Chairperson of The Little Committee, which is made up of a group of young people who are determined to embrace their role as custodians of their future. She states as one of the goals of The Little Committee: ‘Our message to all of the litter bugs is that no matter what you drop, not matter how small, it’s going to impact the world for future generations in the worst way, so please stop.’

Recently, Mia appeared on ABC Radio Victoria on the Breakfast Show with Red Symons. She also appeared on The Project to discuss her role as environmental ambassador. See the entire interview here: