Join The MobileMuster Schools Challenge!

Help raise funds for zoo’s conservation projects and win prizes!

The MobileMuster Schools Challenge encourages teachers, students, families and their local communities to recycle old and unwanted mobile phones and their accessories between March and the end of June 2022. This year there are THREE great reasons to join our Schools Challenge:

  1. You will raise much-needed funds to protect critically endangered primates. Every mobile phone recycled during the MobileMuster Schools Challenge will raise money for participating zoos and their conservation projects. 
  2. You can win amazing prizes for your school.
  3. You will help the environment. Recycling benefits include avoiding future greenhouse gases, saving energy and conserving and reusing natural resources. 

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Fighting Extinction Education Resources

We have some great Primary and Secondary conservation lessons that you can use to help educate your classrooms and inspire them to get involved in the Challenge. 

Fighting Extinction – Tuning In To Zoos – Foundation to Year 6

In this lesson, students tune into the topic of zoos and animal welfare. The class begins by participating in a ‘Stand On The Line’ barometer activity about their understanding and thoughts on animals and zoos.

Fighting Extinction – Investigating Zoos
– Foundation to Year 2

Students investigate the role of conservation in zoos. Students begin by finding out what conservation is and then look at a case study of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. 

Fighting Extinction -Exploring Zoos And Conservation
– Years 3 & 4

Investigate the role of conservation in zoos. Begin by exploring why we need to conserve living things and investigate conservation programs as having three key parts: 1. Breeding and release, 2. Reducing threats in the wild, and 3. Education and action.

Fighting Extinction – What Do Zoos Do? – Years 5 & 6

Students investigate how and why zoos do conservation work. They begin by examining a series of positive and negative statements about zoos, including that zoos have an important role to play in conservation work.

Fighting Extinction –
Zoos: For People Or Animals?
– Years 7 & 8

In this lesson, students explore big questions and issues relating to animal welfare, ethics and zoos.  Students will investigate what their local zoo is doing in terms of conservation and education.

Fighting Extinction – The Ethics Of Zoos – Years 9 & 10

Students begin by investigating their own thoughts and feelings about zoos before conducting an analysis of a text dealing with some of the difficult and divergent views people have about zoos.


Thanks to Zoos Victoria who have provided these excellent geography lessons too. 

Geography, Gorillas and Us
Year 5-6 Teaching Guide

This program combines Year 5-6 Science and Geography to explore animal adaptations and how humans are impacting on their environment. Discover Africa through the lens of gorillas and the people who share their habitat with them.

Geography, Gorillas and Us
Year 7-8 Teaching Guide

Discover Africa through the lens of gorillas. Learn about the diverse habitats and fauna of Africa and the threats these mighty animals face in the wild.

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MobileMuster is the product stewardship program of the mobile phone industry and is accredited by the federal government. It is voluntarily funded by all of the major handset manufacturers and network carriers to provide a free mobile phone recycling program in Australia to the highest environmental standard. The program is committed to raising awareness and educating the community on why it is important to recycle.


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