National Literacy and Numeracy Week aims to raise community awareness of the importance of literacy and numeracy skills for all Australian students.

What does Enviroweek have to do with National Literacy and Numeracy Week?

ew3Enviroweek, is designed to complement National Literacy and Numeracy Week in encouraging all young Australians, regardless of year level to take an interest in literacy and numeracy pursuits as well as encouraging them to become interested in the world we live in.

Best of all, Enviroweek has been designed to fit naturally into National Literacy and Numeracy Week with all Enviroweek challenges and free access* curriculum resources being designed to complement National Literacy and Numeracy Week with all activities have a strong literacy component.

All of Enviroweek’s free to access* curriculum resources are packed full of activities also suitable for National Numeracy and Literacy Week and aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

So what is Enviroweek?

National Schools Enviroweek (August 24-30) is an annual event that challenges young Australians to take positive everyday action for a sustainable Australia.

Enviroweek is about making smart choices and have black balloons measures for young people to watch their action grow across their school, community and Australia-wide.

Last year more than 160,000 students from schools all over Australia took part in Enviroweek.


Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Taking part in Enviroweek is easy. Choose a challenge that suits your class, register your school and win some great prizes!

This year we have classroom-ready teaching resources to engage students in content learning. These resources cover all year levels, from Early Learning to Year 10 and are mapped to the Australian Curriculum. You can view the Enviroweek teaching resources here.

See which Enviroweek challenge suits your class here and sign up for Enviroweek today.

Please view the Enviroweek curriculum below