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It’s all about our environment – our life support system. It’s about the important roles of plants, animals, water, waste, insects, oceans and our climate. Investigate how we need a healthy environment for a healthy economy and healthy human lives. It’s about how we impact our environment in our daily lives and how we create our future every day.

This is important stuff to understand. A few years ago who knew? Well a few scientists, hippies, greenies and environmentalists were onto it but we didn’t pay much attention. Maybe it was all the beards, long hair, soap avoidance, white coats and complicated language? Today, with just about every living system in decline we face a challenge to protect our environment. We need to re-program ourselves to actively stop us from destroying our life support system.

It sounds straightforward but history tells us that it will be anything but simple. Change happens slowly. Vested interest has never been more powerful. The biggest corporations in the world earn their income from drilling and digging up fossil fuels to be burnt to create energy. They are more powerful than most governments. There are many challenges that we face, there are solutions ready to go now and there are many ways that we can all work together to sort it out.

Learning about our natural world is all about engagement, understanding and bringing us together to redesign a safer, smarter, healthier and cooler world. It’s important to understand what our environment is, what it provides for us and what we risk with ‘business as usual.’

Some think that we are just fine, but, like a credit card after Christmas, there will come a time when we need to pay up. Unfortunately for us nature doesn’t negotiate, debate or accept part payment –  she simply responds.

Forget about ‘Save the Planet’ or ‘Save the Earth’. The planet will be fine: it’s humanity that is in trouble. Think about it as saving our economy, our jobs, our families, our friends and our future. If this sounds a little dramatic, that’s because it is.

We need to lift. We can continue to destroy or we can learn to change. The choice is ours.