Students outside sitting on a logNature is the perfect classroom. It provides endless opportunities for students to learn about the real world in meaningful ways. There are also a wide range of academic, health and wellbeing benefits from learning in the outdoors; from reduced stress and anxiety, to increased feelings of happiness, as well as improved memory, focus and creativity!


Learning in Nature = Connection to Nature = Conserving Nature


This collection of over nine lessons allows secondary teachers to reap the benefits of outdoor learning without sacrificing curriculum requirements. Each lesson is mapped to the outcomes of the Australian Curriculum and contains all the tools required for teachers to feel fully prepared when taking their class outside.

These lessons cover Science and Mathematics curriculum outcomes for Years 9 & 10. Students use the elements of their school yard ecosystems to collect data, visualise food webs and understand the impact of climate change on their community and local area. 


These free-to-access lesson below cover:

  • Biotic and abiotic elements
  • Impact of climate change on biodiversity
  • Wetland ecosystems
  • Visualising relationships in an ecosystem
  • Probability and geometry activities
  • Activities to analyse data and display graphically


Check out the digital library which is full of videos, infographics, factsheets, research and news articles to support teachers and students to get outdoors.