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Author: Planet Ark
Source: Planet Ark
Date: 20th of July 2016

New research by Planet Ark, and sponsored by Toyota, in the lead up to National Tree Day in 2014 highlights the financial, health and well-being, social, and environmental benefits of nature at home, in the workplace, and at school.


The report titled Valuing Trees – What is nature worth?, found that Australians really do place a value on nature:

Planet Ark 2014. Home buyers are prepared to pay an average of $35,000* extra for a house in a green leafy area than they would for an identical house in a less green area,

. Workers will sacrifice an average of $3,674 in salary* to be able to connect with nature at work and

. Parents consider green school grounds to be just as important as good academic outcomes and reputation for the kid’s school.

. It also found that having plants in and around the workplace and classroom helps: reduce sick leave and stress; boosts productivity and creativity; and filters and cleans the air.