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Most of us understand the ‘pollute less, live better’ idea. In the past decade, Australians have swamped the public transport system as we try to get off the increasingly clogged roads, do the right thing for our environment and also to avoid higher petrol prices.

Many want to do the right thing and get the train or bus to work, but guess what? We can’t all fit because there is not enough public transport. So, many of us are forced to add another car to the jammed roads to get to and from work and school.

Cars clog our roads and create pollution each and every time we use them. Most of our driving is done within five kilometres of home. Why not grab the bike, or simply walk? Many schools have walking a bus that you can catch. If not ask your teacher – can we give it a go?

If you are not ready to dump the car, try this: next time you are getting dropped at school, try getting out a little further away from the front gate and walk the rest of the way. The next week, get out a little sooner still, increasing your walk every week. Mum and dad can avoid the traffic snarl at the school front gate and you can get fit and healthier.

As you build your walk up over a few months, you’ll find you are no longer panting when you arrive at the front gate. You will arrive fresh and ready to enjoy the day! Great for your health and for the health of our environment!