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Author: Adela Kusur
Date: 18/6/21


High school can be a rollercoaster of emotions and is filled with expectations. You’re meant to know which subjects will lead you to your career path, the job title you want, and your expected income. Seems like a lot of pressure, especially when you’re still getting to know yourself. 

If you’re reading this, feeling a little stuck and need industry-first advice about life after high school. Then, you may like to consider weighing up your options and learning about the various organisations that can help you kick things into gear. Let’s put the excitement back into things and hopefully lead you to a career that best suits you and your values. 



Grandshake is a Brisbane-based Ed-Tech Startup challenging the status quo by daring our educators and partners to be responsible for guiding the next generation. Grandshake collaborates with Australian high schools and national and multinational employers to give students virtual work experience, career education, and mentoring opportunities that align with their interests. Grandshake has over 27,000 students, 2,000 different types of work experiences to chose from, and more than 80 industry partners that support you to discover what makes you tick. Like to know more about finding your passion and choosing a career to match? Log into Grandshake and take the Find Your Passion test.



Roadtrip Nation knows exactly what it is like to feel confused and a little lost, which is why they’re here to help you discover your journey and get advice from people who’d found fulfilling work. In 2001, Roadtrip Nation literally hit the road to talk to industry experts about how they discovered their purpose. Roadtrip Nation invites students to learn about self-construction through a 3-step process. Firstly, Start by letting go of the noise around you and remove all stigmas that society has placed on you for years. Secondly, define what is most important to you and start looking inward so that you can begin your own self-discovery to reveal new ways of living. Then, it is time to take that newfound courage and turn those dreams into reality. If you are ready to explore new ways of living and working, head to Roadtrip Nation to explore careers possibilities that reflect who you are.



Skillsroad is all about the S-word. Like, Skills (sharpening them). Strengths (our sources of success). Space (to explore and survive as many experiences as possible). Soul-searching (to find out what ignites your passion). Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Something that you are)! Skillsroad invites students to ask questions about life after Year 12 and explore various options to get clearer about the industry that aligns with their skills, strengths and vision for the future. Skillsroad invites students to invest in getting to know themselves first and encourages students to take the Skillsroad Test and explore the 360 VR workplace before they press go on a career they know very little about. Do you want to learn more about what excites you and feel empowered? Then, take the next step and be excited about being a success through Skillsroad Career Quiz, Jobs Board or Job Fit Test.

Happy Exploring!