Top 10 school holiday activities to keep the little people engaged and entertained

School holidays can be a challenging time. We’re a team full of parents, so trust us, we get it! That’s why we’ve prepared a list of our most engaging and fun educational activities for your kids to tackle these holidays. Safe and expertly designed by our education team, these resources will have your kids actively learning as they work through a broad range of topics, from sustainability to mental and emotional resilience.

Learning at Home, Together.

Our favourite resources for learning alongside your kids this school holiday period. Our selection will see you heading outdoors to get your hand dirty, or working on mental and emotional resilience with Bluey.

Bluey Bingo and Dad Featherwand Scared1. Bluey Education

Each resource showcases an episode from Bluey and contains all the instructional information needed to help develop kids’ mental and emotional resilience while enjoying their favourite cartoon, Hooray!

Check out the full suite of education resources here!


2. Tree Day – get planting!

Find a plant, find some soil and get planting! You and your children will join thousands of amazing educators and teachers in making a difference, fostering a child’s love of nature and creating positive environmental change. So, get growing!  

Check out all of the activities available from Early Learning to Year 10 here!


3. Design Your Dream Car

With school holidays fast approaching  we thought it would be great to design a [email protected] lesson that works with the contest!

Kids get creative and design their very own dream car while exploring the different design elements of a car.

Start your engines here!


4. Oceans of Rubbish

Would you like to swim in an ocean or river full of rubbish and dirty water? Imagine what the creatures who call water home think about it! Create a poster reminding people to protect waterways.

This is a good activity for kids to complete independently. Dive into the activity here!


5. Energy Use in Our World

Have you ever thought about where electricity comes from and how it is made? Start to think more about the world’s use of energy by asking you to research the definition of vocabulary linked with energy use.

This is a good activity for kids to complete independently. Get started here!


6. Sustainability Board Game

There’s lots of steps involved in being a board game designer! Go through the process of creating a design brief, writing the rules, drawing all the art and creating the board and pieces.

This is a good activity for kids to complete independently or with others. Click here!


7. Colour A Little Happiness: Creating Rainbows

In this activity you will explore how rainbows are made and will make your own actual rainbow. Create a rainbow artwork to share with people in your community.

This activity is a great one to do together as a family. Get started here!


8. Sustainable Shopping List Meal Challenge

Tonight – you’re the chef! Plan your budget, choose a recipe and go shopping. Can you could source ingredients locally/sustainably to save money and the environment?

This can be done independently or with the whole family. Get started here!


9. Animal Adaptations

Design a brand new animal with adaptations and evolutions that make it even better at surviving in a future world affected by climate change!

This may require minimal support. Get started here!


10. Specific Vocabulary

Great writers have a large vocabulary and know exactly the right word to choose to describe something very specifically. Practise word choice to take your writing from good to superb, exquisite and exemplary.

This can be done independently. Dive into the activity here!


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Independent Activities.

Looking for hands-free learning activities to keep your children active and engaged these school holidays? We’ve got you covered. Our independent learning resources are designed for kids to work through on their own, actively learning along the way. 

1. Indigenous Seasons In Your Local Area

Did you know that Indigenous people have identified more detailed and complex seasons for their local areas? Investigate and find out about the seasons in your local area.

This can be done independently. Get started here!


2. The True Cost Of Consumption

We often only think about the cost of things we buy in terms of the money we had to pay to purchase that object. Investigate the less obvious costs of the things we buy, and consider their true cost to you, and to the world.

This can be done independently. Get started here!


3. News Consumption And Mental Health

Does it ever feel like you’re finding out too much or maybe just not enough about the right things? Track your news  habits for a week and reflect on the way the news shapes your mindset.

This may require minimal support. Get started here!


4. Choc Chip Coal Mine

Grab your hardhat and your pickaxe as you head into the mine to extract a precious resource: chocolate chips! While you’re mining, think about the damage you’re causing to the biscuit surrounding the choc chips.

This can be done independently. Dig into the activity here!


5. 2040 – Tackling Food Insecurity With Urban Farming

Explore the practice of urban farming as one solution to current and future food security challenges.

This may require minimal support. Get started here!


6. Sugar Pantry Investigation

Do you know how much sugar is in your foods?  Go explore your pantry to find out how much sugar there is in the foods you have. Then create a poster advertising why it’s important to look closely at labels to identify the sugar content in your food.

This can be done independently. Click here!


7. My Dignity Superpower

It isn’t always easy to treat everyone with dignity, even if it’s the right thing to do. In this activity, inspire others by creating comics showing how dignity can be a superpower.

This can be done independently. Get started here!


8. COVID-19 Expository Essay

Students will gain a greater understanding of COVID-19 including its symptoms, how it is contracted, at risk groups, incubation period and how it is different to influenza by reading through an article.

This can be done independently. Get started here!


9. Bushfires and Ecosystems

Read an article about bushfires and ecosystems, then watch a short video. Answer questions, reflecting on the connections between the two and how both help them to understand ecosystems.

This can be done independently. Get started here!


10. IMAGI-NATION{TV} – Artist Challenge

Students will watch artists participate in a challenge to create artworks in 25 minutes. Students will use entrepreneurial thinking to design their own art series.

This can be done independently. Get started here!


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