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Author: Kirsty Costa
Date: 14/08/2015

cherriesWhat a crazy world we now live in where we can eat our strawberries in Winter and oranges in Summer! Empower your family to eat seasonally by finding out more about what time of the year different fruits and vegetables grow. 

Why buy seasonal fruit and vegetables?

  • Fresh produce from your region doesn’t need to travel weeks across the country getting to you, meaning it can be picked for taste, not transport.
  • Fruits and vegetables start to lose nutrients immediately after they are harvested, so the freshest produce is the best produce.
  • Local produce travels less and needs less refrigeration, meaning less fossil fuel and less greenhouse gases.
  • Shopping at markets connects us with the people that live around us and supports the local farmers that grow our food.

Seasonal Food Guide Australia was started in 2010 to help Australians buy fresh produce from their local region more easily. Check out their website to find seasonal information for each area of Australia and access a list and map of farmers markets around major cities.