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Author: Matt Johnston
Date: 05 August, 2013

RISING electricity prices and cheaper rooftop panels have helped drive a solar revolution in Australia, the federal Climate Commission says.

More than one million panels are now on rooftops – which is up from about 8000 six years ago.

The number of units used by households is tipped to continue to rise, even though there has been a decrease in government incentives, such as rebates for rooftop solar systems.

The change in Australia’s energy mix has caused challenges for the existing network, but the grid should be able to deal with the change into the future, the commission says.

Some sectors of the power industry argue that the rapid growth of solar panels has done little to address peak demand on the grid and driven costs up across the board for non-solar users – a claim rejected by other groups.

The Climate Commission says that Australia’s network must adapt to deal with increasing solar use, but it is confident this can happen smoothly.

“As increasing volumes of solar energy are introduced, the grid must adapt, and this will require investment and planning,” it says.

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