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Cool Australia’s Toolbox allows your students to easily access research information for projects, assignments and activities. Instead of going to Google, or another search engine, the Toolbox offers well-researched and documented materials that round out learning. 

You will find video clips, documentaries, images, articles, stories and news for each major topic.  The Toolbox is divided into Primary and Secondary levels and the activities for each year are designed to meet the new Australian National Curriculum.

Once the year is selected, you will have the following topics to choose from:


Cool Australia has recently announced a partnership with Planet Ark for Schools Tree Day,  Australia’s largest tree planting and nature care event, where kids and their families can get out into nature and have fun in their local environment on 26 July.

In accordance with this, we have created a Schools Tree Day topic in the Toolbox with a group of activities, relevant news and research articles, photos, fact sheet and videos. This curriculum is meant to specifically complement Schools Tree Day – here is a snapshot:


The Videos and Pictures sections that are featured for each topic work great for visual learners, bringing together the lesson in a comprehensible and memorable way. Videos and pictures can also be easily downloaded to be used in a project or presentation. 

To keep current, the Research Articles and News sections for each topic are relevant and credible student resources. Here is an example for Waste, Year 7 & 8:



Cool Australia’s Toolbox is regularly updated to reflect the most current news for each topic. With the addition of the Schools Tree Day as a supporting topic for a specific event, Cool Australia is looking to other events and projects to support in the future. Keep your eye on Cool Australia’s Toolbox as an increasingly essential research and reference tool for students and teachers alike.