For Years 9 & 10 Health & Physical Education

These teaching resources will engage your Years 9 & 10 students in the topic of racism. These Health & Physical Education lessons include interviews with professional Australian soccer players, Kyah Simon, Andrew Redmayne and Nikolai Topor-Stanley.

Continuing incidents of racism on the playing field and from spectators have put sports and athletes at the heart of conversations about racism. Because sport is so popular with young people, it is the ideal platform for talking about racism and its impacts. These lessons break down the reasons why people display racist behaviours and attitudes and how we can better understand and respond to one another to prevent the ongoing damaging effects of racism.


Tackling Racism Secondary Resources

Challenging Conversations
– HPE – Years 9 & 10

Students will investigate how engaging in challenging conversations requires us to be supportive, honest and inclusive of the views, opinions and experiences of others – essential skills for the rest of the unit.

– HPE – Years 9 & 10

Othering creates separateness and exclusion within society. Students will identify the behaviours represented in a range of scenarios that lead to othering and assess the impact of these behaviours.

– HPE – Years 9 & 10

Generalising is putting people into boxes. Students will reflect on their personal experiences and the experiences of peers who have been generalised or stereotyped by others.

Acting with Kindness
– HPE – Years 9 & 10

Students will examine the power of values, and how the value of kindness can act as a powerful antidote to hatred.

Impacts of My Attitudes
– HPE – Years 9 & 10

Students will research the impact and consequences of racist attitudes and behaviours in professional Australian sports.

Cultural Change
– HPE – Years 9 & 10

Students will reflect on their learning about racism in the Tackling Racism Through Sport unit. They will create a resource that shares their knowledge with their communities about how to disarm racism and stand up for others.

With thanks to our Partners

This project was created in partnership with Reflect Forward. Reflect Forward is a joint movement between racism education company, One Love Australia and the Australian sports industry. It’s about starting an ongoing conversation about racism in sport and working towards eliminating it at all levels throughout Australia.


©2022 Reflect Forward and Cool Australia.

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