Earth Hour Schools Day

Earth Hour has always been for everyone. Every year, the hour of no power turns individuals, schools, businesses and communities into a million-strong movement of people raising their voice for nature through the symbolic action of switching off our lights. Register your school today!

School holiday reading (and listening) for Curious Kids

Author: Sunanda Creagh
Date: 14/4/19
Editor's note School holidays are here again and if you’re looking for ways to keep smart kids engaged and happy, Imagine This has got you covered. A co-production between ABC KIDS listen and The Conversation, Imagine This is a podcast aimed at kids aged 4-7 — but really it's a delight for h...


Where does our energy come from? Our way of life depends on energy from burning fossil fuels. Most energy comes from burning coal in power stations that create electricity to power industry, homes and schools. Petrol and oil used to power cars, trucks andplanes is another big one. We dig coal from ...